Moffatts - I Dont Want You To Want Me tab

intro: ----------------------------------------------------------9-11--9-11--14--9/11------ x2--9-11--9-11--14--9/11--------7--9--7--9--12--7/-9----------------------------------
Verse Bm5 G5 D5 x4 Pre-chorus This could be the night... play D5 G5 D5 G5 D5
Chorus : play vese chordsTonigh I'll --0---- --0---- --0---- --0---- --0---- --0----
hold you tight ... A5 Em5 but i... G5 Introx2 Verse Pre-chorus Chorus Solo:(it isn't perfect but sounds good) --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
-5/6/7/888888---9-11-9--7-8p7---5-6p-5--3-4p-3--1-2p-1----16--17-p18- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pre-choruschorusEnds: D5 A5 Bm5 G5
well this is my first tab hope you enjoy it any corrections e-mail me
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