Moffatts – Just Another Phase tab

Just Another Phase
The Moffatts
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I'm not sure at the plucking intro for guitar 1 and pre verse.

Intro:Guitar 1:e----3--------3----------3---------------|B---------------0--0h1-------------------|G---------------------------2-0----------| (x2)D-2-----2/4/5-------------------4--------|A----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------|Guitar 2: Em-G-C (x2)
Pre Verse: Guitar 3(Electric)
Guitar 2 Em-G-C (x2) Verse: Em G C Sit around and watch tv Em G C God, I hate what I see Em G C Lock me up and throw away the key Em G C Spend my time chugging tea Pre Chorus: D But I can't, I can't It's not fair, it's not fair C Think about it Am While gettin' grey hair Chorus: G Am C It's just another phase that I'll go through G Am C This time I'm sure that I'll lose you G Am C Place my bets on all the jacks and queens G Am C Probability being that it seems D-Dm-Am-Dsus2-D-Dm-Am-Dsus2 I'm blind D-Dm-Am-Dsus2-D-Dm-Am-Dsus2 I'm blind Em G C Throw my change at a machine Em G C Buy a chocolate bar so I can dream Em G C Another day going down the drain Em G C Wash away and wash away the pain (Repeat Pre Chorus and Chorus) Outro: G Am C I'm blind G Am C I'm blind G Am C I'm bliiiiiiiiiind G Am C I'm blind G I'm blind
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