Mogwai - Dial Revenge tab

			     Dial: Revenge (Intro) - Mogwai
Tabbed by: raelz
Email: dahnraelz

Tuning: Standart

This is the intro guitar part of Dial: Revenge. It's simple, but it sounds 

I recommend picking the highest string with your pinky, you don't need much
dexterity for playing this and it makes fingering much easier.

1. (Played twice) 1st playthrough 2nd playthroughe|----------------0-----------------3-----|--0----------------| |--0----------------|B|-----------1p3--------3-----1-----------|-----1-------------| |-----1-------------|G|--------2----------2-----2-----2-----2--|--------2----------| -> |--------2----------|D|-----2----------------------------------|-----------2-------| -> |-----------0-------|A|--0------------------------(0)----------|-------------------| |-------------------|E|----------------------------------------|-------------------| |-------------------|
Notes on 1: The (0) is plucked very lightly, you don't need to play it but it creates wonderful background.
2. (Played once)e|----------------0-----------------3-----0----------------|B|-----------1p3--------3-----1--------------1-------------|G|--------2----------2-----2-----2-----2--------2----------|D|-----0-------------------------------------------2-------|A|--2------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------1*---------------------------|
Notes on 2: Play the low F note (1st fret E-string) with your thumb, or with index finger (with middle finger substituting for your index on B-string).
3. (Played twice)e|---------------------------|B|--------------1------------|G|--------2-----------2------|D|-----2-----2-----2-----2---|A|--0------------------------|E|---------------------------|
Notes on 3: I am not quite sure what's happening, there, but every second E note (2nd fret on D string) sounds a little funny on the record. It's definitely on purpose, but I fail to understand what it is. Nevertheless, just play it my way and it sounds just fine.
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