Yes I Am A Long Way From Home tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Mogwai - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Mogwai – Yes I Am A Long Way From Home tab ver. 2

Hello! Mogwai are one of my favourite bands, and this is how the intro to

 *Yes!I am a long way from home*

 Read this article if you are interested,!_I_Am_a_Long_Way_from_Home

 It is actually very interesting.

Anyway, this is the intro of the song, (guitar) a bass plays the SAME line, over which 
guitar plays this,

Then it repeats over and over A second guitar plays,
If you play that, you will see where it goes, (if you know the song...) Hope it helps! This tab was worked out by myself, with no help from any other tab submitters. Thanks you.
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