Mohombi – In Your Head chords

This is just a part from the beginning to the chorus.
The whole song has four chords. Enjoy!


Dm BbShe's waiting for her man to go to work
F CThen calls me on the phone saying he's such a jerk
DmI feel like a thief in the day
BbAnd a thief in the night, but it's just a fight
FWhy, why, why, don't he treats you right
CHe should be the one to apologise
DmWe're going upstairs get away from the past
BbThen the phone rings, I hear your husband ask
FIs someone in the back, who's that
CWho's that, who's that, who's that
Dm BbIn your head, in your head
F CMohombi, Mohombi, Mohombi
Dm BbWho's in your head, in your head?
F CMohombi, Mohombi, Mohombi
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