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Molestible – Sweet Little Girl tab

* Hi everybody, this is my favourite song *
* by molestible (the best swiss band)     *
* I'm sure you know it and will enjoy it  *

Sweet little girl          (written by Fleischli,Stierli,Bucher 12/99)


   e           C        G      D
 I was walking down the street

e            C         G      D
 But nothing was going on

   e     C            G        D
 I saw a good looking girl       (Who is she)

 e        C        G           D
  I don't trust my eyes


G    D                am           C
 Hey what's your name sweet little girl

G      D       am       C
 Can I see you one more time

G    D                am        C
 Hey what's your name beautiful girl

G           D         am       C
 Would you like to go out with me


 Who is that guy who joins us
 Oh shit, that's her boyfriend (I hope not)
 Now he hits me in my face
 I wake up in the hospital


     G               D
 And she is standing next to me

   G                     D       C
 I hope she was breaking up with him

chorus and fade out

* Have pleasure with this great song *
*          ZIPFEL COMPANY            *
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