Molly Lewis - Open Letter To Stephen Fry chords


C  E7  F  Fm 
C  E7  F  F7  F (higher up) G# 

Verse 1
F Fm C E7Your heart is promised to a man, So I have no hope to win it
But consider my proposal, Sir, if you can find a minute I think that the future of our species will be better with you in it
C D FI know you have your problems, And maybe I have mine
But you should leave someone to carry on, When you have turned to dust Plant your genome in an infant, Sir, I think it’s only just And you would need someone to bear this child, A woman you can trust I’ll put my body on the line Chorus 1
C E7 F FmOh, Stephen Fry I see no reason why, You wouldn’t want someday maybe, Let me have your baby,
F7 F-high G#You would be amazed what science does these days, So think it over and send along your seed.
Verse 2 I am ideal for this position which I hope you will no doubt I’ve got those child bearing hips you always hear so much about I have permission from my boyfriend and he’d like to help you out I know it isn’t much but it’s what I have to give and I don’t drink and I don’t smoke And I eat all my leafy greens, I’ll try to go to bed much earlier I’ll get all my vaccines, And I’ll put headphones on my belly And I’ll cut back on caffeine, I’ll hang an iPad in the crib Chorus 2 Oh, Stephen Fry I see no reason why, You wouldn’t want someday maybe, Let me have your baby And I’m in my prime, So you’ve got loads of time, So when you’re ready, Send along your seed Bridge
C C7 F Dm 2xYou deserve to reproduce, I was built to procreate,
I hope my womb can be of use, So think it over, I can wait
F Fm IntroAnd one day if you’re sure of it, Then I can be your surrogate, Please
Chorus 3 Oh, Stephen Fry I hope you’ll tell me why, You wouldn’t want someday maybe,Let me have your baby I adore you dear, I come before you here, To be the only woman you will ever need
D7 Fm F F-highAnd my fertility is nearly guaranteed, Cause I have all the tools that you require to breed~~~
So send along your seed.
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