Moments In Tragedy - A Bullet Called Love tab

Song - A Bullet Called Love
Artist - Moments In Tragedy
Album - Moments In Tragedy

Tuning: eADGBE


G Cadd2 A7sus4E|-3- E|-0- E|-3-|B|-0- B|-3- B|-3-|G|-0- G|-0- G|-2-|D|-0- D|-2- D|-2-|A|-2- A|-3- A|-0-|e|-3- e|-x- e|-x-|
Key: ~ = let ring Intro:
Verse 1: G Cadd2 Just when you think, that everything, is just fine G Cadd2 Well you’ll soon realize that you’ve been wrong, this whole time G Cadd2 Soft summer lips soft as snow, red as a winter ruby rose, but still, your so wrong G Cadd2 Well it takes a lot, to sing this song, for you, this song for you Chorus 1,2, and 3: G Love is patient (you say it all the time!) Cadd2 Love is kind (you told me we’d be fine!) A7sus4 Cadd2 Love is like a loaded gun and can blow your mind G Love can grow (it dies every time!) Cadd2 Love will fade (you told me you were mine!) A7sus4 Cadd2 Love for you is here to stay, hopefully to blow you away Play the intro again after the first chorus before verse 2. Verse 2: G Cadd2 Just as my angel shines down from, the skies above and tells me love, is so wrong G Cadd2 Because I was cheated, I was robbed, of the one thing I thought I needed, which is love I was so wrong. Bridge: G Cadd2 A7sus4 Cadd2 Repeat as many times as needed, I think its 3 times repeated. Just listen to the song you’ll get it no problem. Outro: G Cadd2 A7sus4 Cadd2 Play that once and then...
AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! Any questions, comment, suggestions, or anything, my email is Enjoy!!!
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