Money Mark - Too Like You tab

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Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 16:53:43 +0100
From: Ben Smith 
Subject: m/money_mark/too_like_you.crd

Too Like You - Money Mark

Writen by Mark Ramos-Nishita

Transcribed by Ben Smith (

On the album "Push The Button"

C       G          C          Bb       F
Compromise, I have know, baby too like you
C       G                 C         Bb       F
I realise, I'm the guilty one, baby too like you

G#                       F
Take me away, take me to sunshine
G#                        F		  C   G
Tell me things that prove you are all mine

Fortified, with the undue, baby too like you
Got a wish, to stay alive, baby too like you
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