Moneybrother - Never Ever Ive Been Kissed chords

Moneybrother: "(Never Ever) I've Been Kissed"
as recorded on "Real Control"
Tabbed by Joe Miró

This can't really be played with a capo, since there is a certain order of chords 
played, which then will be shifted up in the next verse.
So unless you can change the position of your capo while playing you'll have to 
play barre chords ;) Have fun!

Intro: Cm

CmNever ever I've been kissed
Ab EbConsequently didn't expect this
BbSaid the girl, I saw a tear in her eye
AbSo damn confident that everything dies
CmAnd that's just my luck, you get some sunshine and then your fucked
BbA little bit sunshine
CmNever ever I've been touched
Ab EbDidn't know that I could sense this much
BbLike I'm scared having opened that door
AbIf I fall it'll surely hurt more
CmAnd thats just my style, you get some sunshine for a while
BbJust for a while though
Em CSurely, I keep hanging on
G DCause stakes getting higher, cause you're on your own
Em CAt birth, and darling when you go
G D C C7You'll take no one with you, you're walking alone
DmNever ever I've been touched
Bb FThough I've dreamt about this moment much
CThere's a darkness that I didn't expect
BbThere's sadness also in this perfection
DmAnd there you go, you get some sunshine but I dont know,
Cabout a sunshine
BbClearly, something's going on
DmAnd that's just my style, I get a little sunshine for a while,
Cbut just for a while though
F#m DSurely, I keep hanging on
A ECause stakes getting higher, you're all on your own
F#m DAt birth, and darling when you go
A E F#mYou'll take no one with you, you're walking alone
F#mNever ever I've been kissed
D AConsequently didn't expect this
EDid I wake you up by singing a song
D ADid I keep you just a little too lo-o-o-ong
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