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From: "John Dachik" 
Subject: m/monkees/carlisle_wheeling.crd
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 19:17:42 PDT

Carlisle Wheeling
by Michael Nesmith

  This is in the key off the Missing Links version.

C                             Dm
In a long and involved conversation with myself
  F            Fm               C
I saw precious things come into view
C                                     Dm
When I poured through the files taken off my mental shelf
  F               Fm          C
I dusted off some memories of you
       Em                          Am
Then I thought about the time when our affair was green
        Em                        Am
How the phoenix of our love first flapped its silken wings
        F           G               C       Em     A
All the urgency and passion of each new day as it happened
    F          G              C
And how it all mellowed as it grew
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