Monkees - Girl I Knew Somewhere tab

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                      "The Girl I Knew Somewhere"
                             (Mike Nesmith)


  guitar (probably played in A, Capo III)

C Csus4 C Csus2 C Csus4 C Csus2 v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v -----|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------------| -5---|-------6-----5---|-------3-----5---|-------6-----5---|-----------3----| -5---|-------5-----5---|-------5-----5---|-------5-----5---|-----------5----| -5---|-------5-----5---|-------5-----5---|-------5-----5---|-----------5----| -3---|-------3-----3---|-------3-----3---|-------3-----3---|-----------3----| -----|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------------|
bass fill (4th bar):
10h12-h12-h12------| |-----------10h12-| |-----------------| |-----------------|
Verse 1: C You tell me that you've never been this way before C7 You tell me things I know that I've heard somewhere F You're standing in the places Fm And you're staring down through faces C Dm That bring to mind traces of a girl G C A girl that I knew somewhere Verse 2: I just can't put my finger on what it is That says to me watch out, don't believe her I can't give any reasons, girl My thoughts are bound down in a whirl I just can't think who in the world was that girl I know I met her somewhere Bridge: Ebm Bb Someway somehow the same thing was done Ab G Someone somewhere did me the same wrong Instrumental break: (harpsichord solo over verse chords) [repeat intro] Verse 3: Well goodbye dear, I just can't take this chance again My fingers are still burning from the last time And if your love was not a game I only have myself to blame That's as may be, I can't explain Just ask the girl that I knew somewhere [repeat verse 3 from "And if your love..."] Coda: (fade out on C chord) -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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