Monkees – Pleasant Valley Sunday tab

"Pleasant Valley Sunday"
                      (Gerry Goffin - Carole King)


	two electric guitars [3X]; acoustic guitar enters 2nd time:

A G/A [bass tacet during intro] v v v v v v v v ---|-----------------|----------------- ---|-----------------|----------------- ---|-----------------|----------------- ---|-7-----5-4-0---2-|-----0---5-4-0--- -0-|-----0-------0---|---0----------(0) ---|-----------------|-----------------
Verse 1: A The local rock group down the street G/A [w/intro riff] Is trying hard to learn their song A They serenade the weekend squire G/A [w/intro riff] Who just came out to mow his lawn Chorus 1: C FaddG C FaddG Another Pleasant Valley Sunday (Sunday) C FaddG C D Charcoal burning everywhere E7 A D A E7 Rows of houses that are all the same Bm F#m D A E7 And no-one seems to care Verse 2: See Mrs. Gray, she's proud today Because her roses are in bloom And Mr. Green, he's so serene He's got a TV in every room Chorus 2: Another Pleasant Valley Sunday (Sunday) Here in status symbol land Mothers complain about how hard life is And the kids just don't understand Bridge: E7 Creature comfort goals They only numb my soul And make it hard for me to see My thoughts all seem to stray To places far away (A) I need a change of scenery [repeat intro riff w/bass, 2X] [repeat verse w/wordless vocal] Chorus 3: C FaddG C FaddG Another Pleasant Valley Sunday (Sunday) C FaddG C Charcoal burning everywhere F Bb F Bb Another Pleasant Valley Sunday F Bb F (A) Here in status symbol land [repeat intro riff w/bass, 2X] Coda [repeat 7X (until swamped in echo)]: A [w/intro riff] Another Pleasant Valley Sunday (another Pleasant Valley Sunday) -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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