Monkees - As We Go Along chords version 2

As We Go Along

Notes: This is mostly correct, but the recorded accompaniment 
alters the technical chords somewhat. (For example, the Eb at 
the end of the chorus works fine but should technically be 
Ebadd9 without the root.)

The tuning is slightly off on the recording.

These are just extrapolated chords, so you can finger them 
however you want, but this fingering emphasizes the ascending 
bass line.

Ab: 466544
F/A: 587565
Eb/Bb: 668886
Bb: 688766

Have fun!

Bb EbI can tell by your face
Bb EbThat you're lookin' to find a place
Bb Bb7 Eb FTo settle your mind and reveal who you are
Bb EbAnd you shouldn't be shy
Bb EbFor I'm not gonna try
Bb Bb7 Eb BbTo hurt you or heal you or steal your star
Ab F/AOpen your eyes
(Eb/Bb) BbGet up off your chair
Ab Eb BbThere's so much to do in the sunlight
Bb EbGive up your secrets
Bb EbAnd let down your hair
Bb F BbAnd sit with me here by the firelight
Why think about Who's gonna win out? We'll make up our story as we go along There's so little time For us to try to rhyme And so many highways to travel upon
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