Monkey Majik - One Moment tab

Intro riff/chorus:E|---777777-----6-----4444----------------------|B|---999999-----7-----4444----------------------|G|---888888-----6-----4444----------------------|D|---999999-----8-----6666----------------------|A|---777777-----6x2---6666----------------------|E|--------------------4444----------------------|
Gsharpminor changes to Gsharpmajor in one chorus, and in one chorus it goes from 79897 to G major octave on A/5th string on one chorus (it's one of the last ones, if not, the last one)
Pre-chorus:E|--4444444----666666-----------------------------|B|--5555555----777777-----------------------------|G|--4444444----666666-----------------------------|D|--6666666----888888-----------------------------|A|--4444444----666666-----------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------| x2
Chord on 6th fret changes to A-sharp major before kicking into chorus That's pretty much the whole song Enjoy. Questions/concerns: contact me at
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