Monkey Spanks – Dip Me In Hot Chalk tab

D                            C                 B#
I want you to kno who its gonna go when u dip me in hot chalk spank that
A5                       A                    D
monkey three times in a row im good like that mr. mr. smack are
you on crack

B#                     C                   G
Dip dip dip me in hot chalk like a dog hop hop hop it like a frog
C#            B#             C              G
Im on the low down down low tru dat Mr. mr mr. smack on crack

then just repeat the verse again and the chorus twice

You probably aint never heard of this band or song but its a local
band and a tight band that plays at mickeys and billys and just got
signed to a record lable so watch out for them and stop
spendin ur money on cigs and start byeing there merchandise

carson712 is the coolest dude ever and so is xxrusty18xx

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