Monoral – Kiri tab

Left handed
Title: Kiri - By MONORAL (Ergo Proxy Opening Theme)

Tabbed By: Francis Louwie Anthony A. Navos
Date: June 27, 2008

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*kiri means the great and powerful one with beautiful smiles

Standard Tuning: Capo on 1st fret

Intro: A, A7, E7sus4/A, Em7/a-E7sus4/a-Em7/a, Gm, Bm, D

Verse: A G Bm You complete my fate D A The world unwinds inside of me G Bm You complete my fate G A The halo crawls away G Bm You repeat my fate D A Rewinding all we can G Bm You refill my place D F--Em--D F--G--D You refill my place... place... CHORUS: (A Bm--G--D) x4 then end with A Come and save me
(Same progression of chords in the firste verse) You complete my fate The heavens stroll inside of me You repeat my fate Revealing who we are You refill my place You refill my place (Repeat Chorus) Outro: A, G, Bm, D Believe in me and Drink the wine and Take my hand and Fill me up Believe in me and Drink the wine and Take my hand and Let me follow Outro Plucking:
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