Monster Magnet - Monolithic tab

			     MONOLITHIC – Monster Magnet
Tabbed by: Bizzle

Tuning: Drop D     D A D G B E

Notes – This song is very easy to play except for the solos, which aren’t tabbed. This 
just the rhythm guitar parts, no solos.
Listen to the song to get the timing right and all that stuff. This is my first tab by 
way. Have fun!

e|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|-----------------------------| Riff 1D|--13-12-10--x----13-15-10--x-|A|--13-12-10--x----13-15-10--x-|D|--13-12-10--x----13-15-10--x-|
u d u d u d u d u= upe|---------------------------------------------------| d= downB|---------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------| Riff 2D|--6----10----6----10----6----10----6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-| (alternate strummingA|--6----10----6----10----6----10----6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-| in here)D|--6----10----6----10----6----10----6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-|
e|-------|B|-------|G|-------| Play and hold this chord when I tell you to.D|--10---|A|--10---|D|--10---|
e|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------| Riff 3D|--x-x-10---x-x-x-10---x-x-x-10---x-x-x-13--|A|--x-x-10---x-x-x-10---x-x-x-10---x-x-x-13--|D|--x-x-10---x-x-x-10---x-x-x-10---x-x-x-13--|
e|-----------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------------| Riff 4D|--x-x-10---x-x-x-10---x-x-x-10---13-13-13-13-12--12--| (pretty much the sameA|--x-x-10---x-x-x-10---x-x-x-10---13-13-13-13-12--12--| as riff 3, but aD|--x-x-10---x-x-x-10---x-x-x-10---13-13-13-13-12--12--| little different)
Order: Riff 1 x4 Hold the last note Riff 1 x8 Riff 2 x2 Bass solo Riff 1 x4 Riff 2 x2 Hold that one chord Riff 1 x4 Riff 3 x10 First guitar solo is in this part (not tabbed) Riff 2 x4 Another bass part Riff 3 x4 Riff 4 x8 Second guitar solo is in this part (also not tabbed) ===============================================================================
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