Monster Magnet – Cage Around The Sun tab

Cage arounD the sun by MONSTER MAGNET
From the album SUPERJUDGE

!EASY SONG! but really cool though!

If you ask me Monster magnet is one of the coolest band of the moment!
There were simply not enough tabs of monster magnet around so i sent this
thing in. It's one of my favourite songs of the superjudge album (apart from
I'm high on dope what can you do about it?!
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chord progression :  (MAIN PART)

e|-----------------------------------------B|-----------------------------------------G|-6--9--11--9--13--9--8--9----------------D|-6--9--11--9--13--9--8--9----------------A|-4--7--9---7--11--7--6--7----------------E|----------------------------------------- !These are just the chords he plays listen to the cd for strumming!
chord progression : (HEAVY DISTORDED PART)
Lyrics: I had an urge to build a cage around the sun .....I couldn't find a way to say no I took a check on all the meters in my room .....I kicked the dog and said let's go The clouds were hanging low above the path .....I had my arm around a sundown I pinned my baby into yanking satan's crack .....Born deals with a thin smile.....oh yeah Pushin up and pushing down against the sky .....Like there's mussles 'round my forso 4th dimension of smiles, strokes and nights/knifes .....This little piggy has gotta go go To live and blow all of that piss into your heart .....You got vains of iron_baby Oh man this egg is way too hot .....lay on a rock and split open.....oh yeah (here starts the heavy part) And all the lies that you tell me .....All the lies I tell myself They're our piece stuck in from now ????? ???? Figure these lyrics out for yaself I can't understand a word he is saying So in the end I had a cage around the sun .....Looks pretty horny if I do say The dog is dead and the sacrafice is done .....All in all a pretty good day The ocean parks and the meteors come down .....laid at and ever baby Fake among, the slap it in the head .....causes switch arividetsjie ???????????? WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH play this chord during the whoa and then simply slight up (DISTORTION)
e-4---B-4---G-5--- repeat as often as you like then just keep on slidin' up!D-6---A-6---E-4--- These lyrics are probably a little (way) off at some points but it sounds pretty close
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