Monster Magnet – Lizard Johnny tab

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This is a very cool song by monstermagnet
It is on a (nameless ep) along with some other great songs

As with so many MM songs tune your guitar down 1/2 step!

Bazzy []

the main chord progression is: (very cool riff listen to the cd!) E A G Fe|---|---|---|---|B|---|---|---|---|G|-1-|-6-|-4-|-2-|D|-2-|-7-|-5-|-3-|A|-2-|-7-|-5-|-3-|E|-0-|-5-|-3-|-1-|
Then he does:
rythm over solo:e|---|---|---|B|---|---|---|G|-6-|-9-|-8-|D|-7-|-10|-9-|A|-7-|-10|-9-|E|-5-|-8-|-7-|
that's it i'm sorry no lyrics this time (too lazy to figure them out) if you got MM lyrics please mail them to me! Bazzy []
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