Monster Magnet - Bummer tab

Artist:monster magnet
Song: bummer
album; powertrip.

Reg. tuningopening riffe------------]b------------]g------------] 4xd-5/-(9)9-9--]a-5/-(9)9-9--]E-3/-(7)7-7--]
verse (play 12 times)e-------------------------]b-------------------------]g-------------------------]d-7/-(9)9-9-xx-12-xx-5-xx-] : riff 2 a-7/-(9)9-9-xx-12-xx-5-xx-]E-5/-(7)7-7-xx-10-xx-3-xx-]
pre chorus E5
play riff 2 2x play pre chorus
I'm not sure how many times you repeat the bridge. If u no the song u should be able 2 figure it out
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