Monsters Of Folk - Ahead Of The Curve chords

	   		                            AHEAD OF THE CURVE - Monsters of Folk
Song: Ahead Of The Curve
Artist: Monsters of Folk
Tabbed by: UsingThisName

Capo on the 2nd fret

This is a simple song to play. The rhythm and timing are very intuitive, and can
be easily figured out by listening to the song.

The verses and choruses are played the same way every time. I fully laid out the
first verse as an example, and for the second verse I only included the chords to
give a succinct visual.
I apologies if I overcomplicated anything.


Chords used: G, Em, C, D, Am

INTRO (this is also the pattern repeated throughout the verses) G Em G Eme|---3--0------3--0-----------|B|---0--0------0--0-----------|G|---0--0------0--0-----------|D|---0--2-4----0--2-4p2p0-----|A|---2--2------2--2-----------|E|-3-3--0----3-3--0-----------|
VERSE G Eme|---3------0----|B|---0------0----|G|---0------0----|D|---0------2-4--|A|---2------2----|E|-3-3------0----| Another perfect day
G Eme|---3-------0-----------|B|---0-------0-----------|G|---0-------0-----------|D|---0-------2-4p2p0-----|A|---2-------2-----------|E|-3-3-------0-----------| they keep piling up
G Eme|---3------0----|B|---0------0----|G|---0------0----|D|---0------2-4--|A|---2------2----|
E|-3-3------0----| C D I got happiness that I can't maintain so beginner's luck
G EmI had shoes to fill
G Emwalkin' barefoot now.
G EmCan't tell north from south
C Dbut no split hairs gonna get me down.
C GI'm stayin' above the flat line
C GI'm ahead of the curve.
C GTake a piece of the sunshine with me
Am Don a red eye to another world
C GIt isn't any trouble
C Gif you wanna come with me.
C GI know it's out of the question, honey
Am Dbut I sure could use the company
Cand a place to be. G
VERSE Now the sky is pink rooftop swimmin' pool. I'm not care free, no I'm free to care I just never do. All the bags are checked and the reasons why. Yesterday lingers on that's the peace you can keep when you say goodbye. CHORUS You can get what you want now knock it out of the park. Bury it by the river Easy, there's a search party but it's gettin' dark. I won't hold you to nothin' I wanna make that plane. Probably end up a stranger, crazy buy I'm still hoping there's another way and a place to stay BRIDGE
Em D C GWhat a scene has got you sentimental
C Am Dwhen the night comes, when the night comes loose.
Em D C GAll the things you've put up on the mantle
C Amwhat a shame. What a shame.
DIt's old news
CHORUS I'm stayin' above the flat line I'm ahead of the curve. Take a piece of the sunshine with me on an all night drive to another world You can get what you want now knock it out of the park. Probably end up a drifter, lonely but I'm still hoping for a change of heart and a place to start.
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