Monsters Of Folk - The Right Place chords

			     The Right Place - Monsters of Folk
Tabbed by: timopay

Tuning: Standard
Capo: 2

Great song. Great album. One of my new favourite Jim James efforts. Enjoy!

Intro: G Gadd11 G Gadd11 G Gadd11 G Gadd11

C D Do you like where you're living,
GDo you like what you do
C D Do you like what youre seeing,
GWhen you're lookin at you
C DDo you like what youre saying
GWhen you open your face
C DDo you got the right feeling
GAre you in the right place
Verse 1:
G Em C D GStealin a tusk from an elephant must make one feel creepy inside
G EmAnd although youll boast around the fire at night
C D GThat ghost will kick up a fight
C D GBe gone Be gone you scream
C D GYoure just some elephant dream
C D EmI needed you like you needed me
C D GPeople they need piano keys
CHORUS Verse 2 (Same chord pattern as Verse 1): Is this right, is this right, come on God answer tonight Is there some fee that you'll charge me For doing what you thought I might Once you've thought long and hard about it, Tell me if heads will roll Once you've thought long and hard about it, Tell me cause I need to know CHORUS
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