Monsters Of Folk - Slow Down Jo chords version 1

F Fm C/GSlow ... Down ... Jo ...
F C/GAnybody ever tell you that you move too fast
F Am G FAnybody ever tell you how to make a good thing last?
G G7Cuz it ainít like that . . .
F Fm C/GFirst you gotta slow down Jo.
F C/GLast night I was talking to some friends of mine.
F Am G F GA.J.ís afraid youíre gonna kill your time or lose your mind
F Fm C/GIf you donít slow down Jo.
F C/GAnybody ever tell you if you lose the knack.
F Am GAnybody ever tell you that itís true
F G G7You can get it back? But not like that
C/G G It ainít by kicking down the walls & pissing off your friends.
F GEvery time the cards donít fall your way.
C/G C7It ainít by poking out your eyes when you see something you donít like.
F G C/G Cadd9aug5 GEven your mama said she donít want to see you spent at 25
Repeat, etc...
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