Monte – Rendition Of You chords

/* Gm Gm Gm Bb F */ Three times

Gm Bb FI would walk through darkened alleys
Gm Bb Fjust to catch a glimpse of you
Gm Bb FAnd I would would crawl for a hundred years
Gm Bb Fif only I could get to spend a day with you
Eb DmSee my rendition of you
Gm Fwon't always echo the truth
Eb Dm/FBecause my rendition of you
Gm Fwas made by me for my own use
Gm Bb FAnd I would take on any mission
Gm Bb Fto save you from a world astranged
Gm Bb FIf you would only share my vision,
Gm Bb Fthe two of us could slip away
Gm Bb FOur lives been like an intermission
Gm Bb Fever since I flew to watch your flame
Gm Bb FIt's strange the way we see eachother
Gm Bb FI suspect that you don't know my name
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