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tedk@Primenet.Com (Ted Krueger) writes:

 es anyone have the chords for I Swear, by either 
 All-4-One or Michael Montgomery?  The chorus was 
 pretty easy to figure out, but I am having less luck 
 with the verses.

 I Swear by JMM, written by Gary Barker and Frank Myers
 Capo at 1st fret
 Intro: C  Am  Em7  F
 C         F         Em7      C
 I see the questions in your eyes
                  F    G       Am
 I know what's weighin on your mind
                F              G7sus  G7
 But you can be sure I know my part
       C                F   Em7         C
 Cause I'll stand beside you through the years
              F        G     Am
 You'll only cry those happy tears
 And though I'll make mistakes
 D7/F#                  G7sus G
 I'll never break your heart
   C            Am
 I swear by the moon and the stars
        Em7         F
 in the sky I'll be there
 G C            Am
 I swear by the shadow that's by your side
        F      G
 I'll be there
 For better or worse
     F           G
 Til death do us part
      Dm7                F          G
 I'll love you with every beat of my heart
 I Swear
 I'll give you everything I can
 I'll build your dreams with these two hands
 We'll hang some memories on the walls
 And when, there's silver in your hair
 you won't have to ask if I still care
 Cause as time turns the page
 My love won't age at all
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