Montoire - Elephant Files tab

Elephant Files - Montoire

-Premiere tab sur le site fait pour une amie dont le frere es le pianiste de 
Montoire :) j'espere que vous aimerez, vraiment pas compliquer...

-(I'm not very good in english so...) My first tab on the site made for my friend 
the pianist's sister of Montoire, I hope you'll like it, very good song and not 
complicate at all... 

E G# / E G# / Cm# A

E                                G#                    
She grew a third hand on her back 'cause she don't want to face me
E                                       G# 
I bought another ring to make things alright but she's as numb as can be

Cm#                                                      A
Oh, you're out of your time you've been out a little while
                                                  E               G#
You thought I'd forget but I've had elephant style, all of the while
E                   G#
Waiting forever in line

Cm#                                                A
Oh, you're out of your mind, walking naked on the rain,
                                                   E               G#
Won't you call me a shrink, I don't think that it's sane

E G# / E G# / Cm# A

A                       E                       A
Did you become a monster? A really mean creature?
                    Cm#            E         A    A
Did you become a monster trying to be like me?

E                          A                     Cm#
   'Cause I'll hold your hand, I'll hold your hand
    E                 A                    A       E
I'll hold your third hand until it falls off

Solo: E G#e|-------------------------------|--------------------------|B|--------12--14-12-----14-12----|--13---14-12----14-12-----|G|--/13-------------13--------13-|-------------13-------13--|D|-------------------------------|--------------------------|A|-------------------------------|--------------------------|E|-------------------------------|--------------------------|
E G#e|-------------------------------|--12b-11-12-11------------|B|--------12--14-12-----14-12----|---------------14-12------|G|--/13-------------13--------13-|--------------------------|D|-------------------------------|--------------------------|A|-------------------------------|--------------------------|E|-------------------------------|--------------------------|
Cm# Ae|-------14br-12----12-|--------------------12-----|B|--/14----------14----|--14-12-14-----------------|G|---------------------|-----------13-14-14----14--|D|---------------------|---------------------------|A|---------------------|---------------------------|E|---------------------|---------------------------|
E G#e|---------------------12----------|--------------------------|B|--------12--14-12-------14-12----|--13---14-12----14-12-----|G|--/13-------------13----------13-|-------------13-------13--|D|---------------------------------|--------------------------|A|---------------------------------|--------------------------|E|---------------------------------|--------------------------|
E G#e|-------------------------------|--------------------------|B|--------12--14-12-----14-12----|--13---14-12----14-12-----|G|--/13-------------13--------13-|-------------13-------13--|D|-------------------------------|--------------------------|A|-------------------------------|--------------------------|E|-------------------------------|--------------------------|
Cm# A Oh, I'm off of my game I've been off a little while E G# I forgot how to play but you kept elephant files, all of the while E G# Drinking chardonnays with style Cm# A Oh, you've been gone for a while, I hope you never do change, E G# We were two of a kind, too crazy to keep things plain (N'oublie pas nos meilleures guerres) E G# Cm# A Je lèche encore ton coeur amer. A E A Cm# E A A Don't turn your back, don't turn your back, don't turn your back on me E A Cm# E A A It was the first, it was the last, it was the only, oh yeah E G# / E G# / ...
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