Moody Blues – Have You Heard Part 1 tab

                  (Justin Hayward,'On The Threshold Of A Dream' 1969)

(Intro:'fingerstyle': Cm(3rd fret),Am(5th fret),Fm(1st fret),Dm(5th fret)
    {Ebm// Dm// C#m// Cm} (Am(open)            

   Am                        G                     *(12-string throughout)
1) Now you know that you are real.....
      Am7                             G
      Show your friends that you and me.....
       F               C             Am                Em
        Be-long to the same world..   turned on to the same word..
          Have you heard?

   Am                        G
2) Now you know that you are free.....
      Am7                     G
      Liv-ng all your life at ease.....
        F                 C         Am                  Em
        Each day has it's al-ways..  a look down life's hall-ways..
          G                        Am7       
          door-ways... to lead you there....

(To: "The Voyage")
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