Moody Blues – Have You Heard Part 2 tab

                         (Justin Hayward,'On The Threshold Of A Dream' 1969)

*(coming out of: 'The Voyage':  (cello) Ebm// Dm// C#m// Cm // 

   Am                       G
3) Now you know how nice it feels.....
     Am7                      G
     Scatter good seed in the field.....
       F                    C        Am              Em
       Life's our's for the mak-ing..  e-ter-ni-ty's wait-ing..
         G                       Am7   
         wait-ing..  for you and me...

   Am                        G
4) Now you know that you are real.....
      Am7                            G 
      Show your friends that you and me.....
       F                C           Am                Em
        Be-long to the  same world.. turned on to the same word..
     Am7               G                 Am7 
     Have you heard?   Have you heard?   Have you heard?
     G                 Am7                     (G-Am7-G-Am7.. fade out)
     Have you heard?   Have you heard?

     ('submarine/outerspace sound effects'... fade out)
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