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Moody Blues – Eyes Of A Child Pt2 tab

Eyes Of A Child (II)    (Moody Blues)

      Em / / /  B / / /  C / / /  A / / /

      G / / /  Em / / /  F / / /  D / / /
      Ahhh.................................]    x2

     Em                 G         A         B
     I'm gonna sit and watch the web, that you will build this day

      Em                     G         A           B
     Will it be a thread of love you weave, it's yours to show the way

          C      G         C              G           D
     Then everything will be as you will see in the light

              Em           B              C             A
&    With the eyes, of a child, you must come, out and see

                 G                Em                 F              D
     That your world's, spinning round, and through life, you will be

              Em         B          C            A
     A small part, of a hope, of a love, that exists

            G            Em             F        D
     In the eyes, of a child, you will see.                    Repeat from &

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Written by:    Mick Anderson     hsteinke@extro.ucc.su.oz.au
                              or manderso@ntnecss1.telecom.com.au
Assisted by:   Ria Heeringa
               Shelley Giblin
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