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                    One Step Into The Light    (Moody Blues)

           C            D           G             D
%    One step into the light, one step away from night
     Above the dark despair, shines a light that we can share
     The river of living breath, is flowing through the sun
     There's one thing I can do, play my mellotron for you

    C                   D                G
     It's the hardest step you're gonna take
     Close your eyes and look up in between your brows
     He was there before the earth began
     Try to blow away your city blues

           C                D         G              D
     The ship to take you there, is waiting at the head
     Then slowly breathing in, feel the life force streaming in
     The world will drag on you, use his love to pull you through
     Your dreams are not unfound, get your feet back on the ground

    C                     D                  G
     Of the stairs that lead up through your opened mind    Am   D    Go %(2)
     Hold it there then send it back to him
     Find the mission of your life and start to be
     The truth will set us free, we cannot lose                       Go &

Am  Am7         D                G     Am  Am7        D            G
       All the old things are returning,      cosmic circles ever turning

Am  Am7          D  Em                     C
       All the truth, we've been yearning for

Am  Am7         D    G        C       Am     D            G  /
       Life is our saviour, saviour, saviour, save your soul

     Am  /  D  /  /  /  G  /  Am  /  D  /  /  /
                                                 Go %

   C  D     G       C  D            G
&    We cannot lose,  we just have to choose.           END

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Put your problems out with the cat -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Written by:    Mick Anderson
Assisted by:   Ria Heeringa
               Shelley Giblin
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