Ride My See-saw tab with lyrics by Moody Blues - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Moody Blues – Ride My See-saw tab

I'm the guy who tabbed the intro so long ago, Matt Buchanan, and I've figured out a few of lead for this song. Here they are:p=pull off, h=Hammer one----------------------- e-------------------------- e----------------------|b----------------------- b-------------------------- b----------6-5-5h6-5---|g-----2p0-----------5-5- g---------------------5-5-- g--5----5--5-5-5---5---|d---------2p0-------5-5- d-----------------0---5-5-- d--5----5--------------|a--------------3-1--3-3- a-----------0-1-3---1-3-3-- a--3----3--------------|e----------------------- e---0-1-2-3---------------- e----6b----------------|Repeat this 3 times, then :This one once. Possible palm mute :Various times.
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