Moody Blues – The Story In tab


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Justin Hayward (Moody Blues)
from "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour" / Decca-PolyGram (1971)

Intro: Am Bm/A C/A D/A Am Bm/A C/A Bm/A------|| -----------|------------|------------|-------------|------|| ---1---3---|--5----7----|---1----3---|--5---3------|------||.---2---4---|--5----7----|---2----4---|--5---4------|------||.---2---4---|--5----7----|---2----4---|--5---4------|-----0|| 0----0-----|0----0------|0-----0-----|0---0-------0|-0-3--|| -----------|---------0-3|------------|--------0-3--|
Am Bm/A C/A D/A Am Bm/A C/A E7#9-----------|------------|-----------------|--------3---- ||---1---3---|--5----7----|-----------------|--------3---- ||---2---4---|--5----7----|-----------------|--------1--- .||---2---4---|--5----7----|-------0-2-0-----|--------2--- .||0----0-----|0----0------|-0-2-3-------3-2-|-0----------- ||-----------|---------0-3|-----------------|------------- ||
Am C/A D Verse 1: I've been thinking about our fortune Am C/A D And I've decided that we're really not to blame Am C/A D For the love that's deep in--side us now G C G Am It's still the same And
---|------------------------|------------------------|---- ---|------------------------|------------------------|---- ---|------------------------|------------------------|---- ---|------------------------|----------5-------------|---- ---|-----------5-7-5--------|------------7-5--------0|-0-- -0-|-3--3--5/7-------7/5-3--|-3-3--5/7------7/5-0-3--|----
C/A D Verse 2: the sound we make together Am C/A D Is the music to the story in your eyes Am C/A D It's been shining down upon us now G C G I realize Em F#m7add4 Chorus: Listen to the tide slowly turning G F#m7add4 Wash all our heartaches away G A Bm A We're part of the fire that is burning G D E From the ashes we can build another day Verse 3: But I'm frightened for our children And the life that we are living is in vain And the sunshine we've been waiting for Will turn to rain Guitar Solo (over intro. chords) -> Vs. 3 -> Vs. 4 Verse 4: And when the final line is over And it's certain that the curtain's gonna fall I can hide inside your sweet sweet love Forever more Fade out over intro. chords. ------------------------------------------------- Michael J. Muilenburg Home: Work: -------------------------------------------------
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