Moody Blues – Is This Heaven tab


F(5th fr)F Bass - Palm mutedE----5-------------- E--------------------------|B----------6-------- B--------------------------|G---------------0h2- 2x G--------------------------| 5x - 5th time fades intoD------------------- D-------0-3--3-0-0---------| 1st verseA------------------- A-3-3-3--------------------|E------------------- E--------------------------|
F Walk-ing home with you last night, F Bb you said the world is beaut-i-ful. Bb F Bb And how things look that way when you're in love. Bb C F I love this world. (Bass - 2x) F Gm F When I'm in your arms, is this heav-en? (Bass - 2x) F I o-pened up the let-ter that the Bb post-man gave to me this morn-ing. F Bb Had to stop my-self from shout-ing out, Bb C F "I love this world." (Bass - 2x) F Gm F And I'll be in your arms, is this heav-en?
F Gm FWhen I'll be in your arms, is this heav-en?E-----------------------------------------5-5-5-5--5-5-3---3-1-|B-----------------------------------------6---6----6-6-3-3-3-1-|G--------------------------------------------------------------|D--------------------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------|
CI know that heav-en waits,C Bb F Cfor those whose love is true.E-------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------|A-----------------------------0-3-0-3-|E-------------------------------------|
CI want to be there when, Bb C Fthe age of love, has come a -gain.E-----------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------|G--------------------------------------7-5------7-----|D---------------------------------7-5-------7-5---5-3-|A-----------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------|
F Tell me all a-bout your-self, F Bb F and how you came to me like in a dream, F Bb and ev'ry night I dream of you, Bb C F I dream of you. (Bass 2x) F Gm Gm9 Gm7 Gm F When I'll be in your arms, is this heav-en? F Gm Gm9 Gm7 Gm F When I'll be in your arms, is this heav-en? F Bb F Bb ///// //// ///// //// ///// //// / Bb C F F / / //// /// //// /// F Gm Gm9 Gm7 Gm F When I'll be in your arms, is this heav-en? F Gm Gm9 Gm7 Gm F When I'll be in your arms, is this heav-en? N.C. Whistling and tapping.
CI know that heav-en waits.C Bb F CFor those whose love is true.E-------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------|A----------------------------0-3--0-3-|E-------------------------------------|
CDon't ask me where or when.C Bb C FThe time for us, will come a-gain.E-----------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------|G--------------------------------------7-5------7-----|D---------------------------------7-5-------7-5---5-3-|A-----------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------|
F I sit and watch the sun go down, F Bb and in the dark-ness there's no sound. Bb F Bb While in the sky to-night the stars all cry, Bb C F "I love you." F Gm Gm9 Gm7 Gm F Are they cry-ing out, ov-er you-ou? F Gm Gm9 Gm7 Gm F 'Cause you're in my heart, is this heav-en? F Gm F Gm F "Cause the stor-y starts, and ends with you-ou. Ends with whistling and tapping. Chord diagrams. F F(5thfr) Bb C Gm Gm7 Gm9 133211 xxx565 xx3331 032010 355333 353333 353335 E,B,G,D,A,E = guitar strings. // under chords are for timing and to show the number of times to play the chord. Tabbed from: Keys of the Kingdom CD 1991.
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