Moody Blues - New Horizon chords

New Horizons by Justin Hayward
(Moody Blues)

I figured out these chord voices and the altered tuning from watching 
Justin play it solo on his Guild 12 string
on a DVD called "An Audience with Justin Hayward".


Tuning: DADFAC (12 string)

F = 333000
Fsus2 = 333200
Bb = 010010
C7 = x32210
Dm = xx0989
Am11/D = xx0777D7sus2 = xx0323
Gm7 = 555555 G7sus4 = 555755 Intro:
F Fsus2/ / / / / / / / 2x
Verse 1:
F Fsus2 F Fsus2 BbWell, I've had dreams enough for one. And I've got love enough for three.
F Fsus2 F Fsus2 BbI have my hopes to comfort me. I've got my new horizons out to sea.
Dm Am11/D D7sus2 Gm7But I'm never gonna lose your precious gift.
Dm Am11/D D7sus2 Gm7It will always be that way.
Dm Am11/D D7sus2 Gm7 F C7 Bb F'Cause I know I'm gonna find my peace of mind. Someday -ay-ay-ay.
Verse 2 Where is this place that we have found? Nobody knows where we are bound. I long to hear, I need to see. Cos I've shed tears, too many for me. Chorus
Gm7 G7sus4 Gm7 G7sus4 Gm7 G7sus4 Bb F C7On the wind, soaring free, spread your wings,I'm begin-ing to see.
Gm7 G7sus4 Gm7 G7sus4 Gm7 G7sus4 Bb C7 BbOut of mind, far from view, beyond the reach of the nightmare come true.
Dm Am11/D D7sus2 Gm7Ooooo Ooooo Oooo Oooooo X3
F C7 Bb F Verse 1 Chorus Dm Am11/D D7sus2 Gm7 x3 F C7 Bb F
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