Moody Blues - December Snow chords

Searched everywhere for the chords to this beautiful song, but no dice. 
This is what I worked out, and it sounds pretty OK to me, 
but I'm sure there's room for improvement. 
As my dear friend Stephane always says: "Yes, we can do zis song. 
Shall we use YOUR chords, or ze RIGHT ones?"

INTRO:           F   Am   F   Am


F AmLike December snow, that lays in the wood
CYou're gone too soon, I knew you should
F AmWith October skies you brought your love
Dm BbBut November came, taking all I have and
F BbTime, take this sadness from me
Dm BbTime, bring my heart back safely
F BbHold on to warm September
Dm Bb FCoz life can be like December snow
VERSE 2 is the same as VERSE 1, then it's the CHORUS again, an instrumental break and then the CHORUS for the final time. Try picking it, sounds great. BTW, I'm new here, and not used to the tab upload procedure. The chords are all OVER the place when I preview this song: well, they're on the right lines, and in the right order, but until I figure out how to place them where I want them, you're gonna have to listen to the track for where the chord changes come. Sorry...
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