Moody Blues - The Story In Your Eyes tab

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Tabbed by John Shaw (
Artist:The Moody Blues

Tab Key
A=10th fret	C=12th Fret	E=14th Fret G=16th Fret	/=Slide up	b=bend	
B=11th Fret	D=13th Fret	F=15th Fret H=17th Fret	\=Slide down	r=release	p=pull off

IntroFirst Guitar (Play Twice) (1) (2) |----------------------------------------------|-----|-C---||----------------------------------------------|-5---|-FbH-||----------------------------------------------|-7b9-|-----||----------------------------------------020---|-----|-----||---00=======--00=======--00=======--0023---320|-----|-----||-03---------03---------03---------03----------|-----|-----|
Second Guitar|----------------------------------------------|-0---|-0---||----1-3-5-3-----1-3-5-7---1-3-5-3-------------|-8---|-8---||----2-4-5-4-----2-4-5-7---2-4-5-4-------------|-7---|-7---||----2-4-5-4-----2-4-5-7---2-4-5-4-------------|-6---|-6---||----------------------------------------------|-7---|-7---||----------------------------------------------|-0---|-0---|
Verse I Am C/A D I've been thinking about our fortune G Am C/A D And I've decided that we're really not to blame G Am C/A D For the love that's deep in--side us now G C G It's still the same Verse II Am C/A D And the sound we make together G Am C/A D is the music to the story in your eyes G Am C/A D It's been shining down up--on us now G C G I realize Chorus Em F#m7add4 Listen to the tide slowly turning G F#m7add4 Wash all our heartaches away A Bm4 A We're part of the fire that is burning G F#m7add4 E From the ashes we can build another day Verse III Am C/A D But I'm frightened for our children G Am C/A D And the life that we are living is in vain G Am C/A D And the sunshine we've been waiting for G C G Will turn to rain
Lead (over verse chords)|----------------------------CA\8---------------------------------------------||------------7757------8---D-----AA-8bAArp7p5-5---7757------------------------||----57b8r5-57757----/9-9/E-E----------------7-75-7757-75---------------------||-/77------7-------------------------------------7-------7----2---------------||-----------------------------------------------------------25-52-------------||---------------------------------------------------------33-----3-3-2-0------|
Repeat Chorus Repeat Verse III Verse IV Am C/A D And when the final line is over G Am C/A D And it's certain that the curtain's gonna fall G Am C/A D I can hide inside your sweet, sweet love G C G Forever more
Outré|---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------|(Lead from here varies depending on the |-/5--7--5-7-5--/CBC-BCEbG-rECECBCB9B97-| recording, all in Am Key)|----7--7-7-7---------------------------||---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------|
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