Moody Blues – Other Side Of Life tab

Well, this is my first tab.  It?s probably not exactly correct, but it
sounds darn good.  Anyway, here it is.

Author:  The Moody Blues / Justin Hayward
Title: The Other Side of Life
Album: The Other Side of Life

*Standard Tuning*

Bass Intro (Repeat 4x):

Guitar Intro (Played after Bass Intro):
Verse: Em G The atmosphere on the streets tonight, Am Em Is the driving beat of the world, Em G The word down here on the streets tonight, Am Em Is the truest music you?ve heard. Dsus2 D So take your share of the gifts that are there, Dsus2 D They all belong to you, Dsus2 D And come what may at the break of each day, F We all begin anew once more, we all begin anew. Chorus: Em D Baby, baby, baby let?s investigate, Em D The other side of life tonight, Em D The lovers and the fighters and the risks they take, Em D Em Are on the other side of life tonight. Dsus2 D Let?s lose our way go completely astray, Dsus2 D And find ourselves again, Em D Y?know the only way to get there is to take that step Em D Em To the other side of life tonight. Chords used: Em G Am Dsus2 D F 022000 320003 002210 002230 000232 x33211 The timing is as acurate as it could be, because of the typing. Listen to the song to get the timing down. If you have any questions or comments, email me at I reserve all rights to my tablature. If you want to use it publicly, please just ask me. August 15, 2001
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