Moody Blues - Lovely To See You tab

Sorry about my other version of this song i went over it and it sucked so i made anotherone that sounds more genuine.Intro:E--------------------------------------------------------B--------------------------------------------------------G-----------------7-6-4-2-1-9-12-11-9-7-6)-4/7-7-7-4-7-4- AD--------------------------------------------------------A-------2-4-2--------------------------------------------E-0-0-4-------4-0----------------------------------------
Verse I: E A E Wonderful day for passing my way, E A E A A Knock on my door and even the score with your eyes. A D A E Lovely to see you again my friend, A A D A E walk along with me to the next been. This dark cloud of fear is blowing away, Now that you're here you going to stay 'cause it's Lovely to see you again my friend, walk along with me to the next been. Bridge: F G F G Tell us what you see in far away forgotten lands, F G A Where empires have turned back to sand. Solo: (Repeat main riff)
(Check recording for rhythm)Play barre6 F G and A on bridge like this:F G AE-1---/3---/5-B-1---/3---/5-G-2---/4---/6-D-3---/5---/7-A-3---/5---/7-E-
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