Moody Blues - Are You Sitting Comfortably tab

This is my favorite Moody Blues song. Just the right amount of layers and effects from 
time that just capture the stellar song writing of the band. I really don't feel like 
this whole thing out, so I'm just gonna give the chords. It's pretty simple though...
Just finger pick the chords and you'll sound really close to the actual playing. There
are two parts for this song, so just listen to it and you should have it in no time. I
learned this by ear, so any corrections would be appreciated. Thanks, Enjoy!

Alot of the Moody Blues songs are tuned to 435 Hz. If you have an auto tuner, just 
the cent to 435 Hz instead of the standard 440 Hz.

*Tuning: 435 Hz (slightl lower than standard 440 Hz.)
Intro: G Dm
Guitar II (lead picking)

G            Dm              G                 Dm
Take another sit my love and see what you will see,
  G               Dm        G            Dm
A fleet of golden galleons, on a crystal sea.
C               Gmaj7
Are you sitting comfortably?
C                   Bm   Am   G    C    D   G  Em(walkdown thing)(Em7 A7) G C
Let Merlin cast his spell.

G                 Dm             G                 Dm
Ride along the winds of time and see where we have been,
    G                Dm             G             Dm
The glorious age of Camelot of when Guinevere was Queen.
   C             Gmaj7
It all unfolds before your eyes
   C                Bm   Am   G    C    D   G  Em(walkdown thing)(Em7 A7) G C
As Merlin casts his spell.

    G              Dm                G               Dm
The seven wonders of the world he'll lay before your feet,
   G                  Dm                G               Dm
In far-off lands, on distant shores, so many friends to meet.
C               Gmaj7
Are you sitting comfortably?
 C                Bm   Am   G    C    D   G  Em(walkdown thing)(Em7 A7)
Let Merlin cast his spell.

Lead Pick during verse:------------------------1-1-1------------|-----0--1p-0-0---------------------------|------------------------2-2-2------------|-----0--0----0-------0---------0---------|-----------------------------------------|3-----------------------------------3----|
Walkdown thing:--------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------|--2--2----2--0--0----0----------------------------|------------------------4--4----4--3--3----3------|----------------------------------------------0---|
During the (Em7 A7) part, the guitar II picks the same chords an octive higher. So it looks like this:
Em A7-7------5-----|-8------5-----|-9------6-----|-9------5-----|-7------7-----|-7------5-----|
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