Moody Blues - Hope And Pray tab

*  =  E-2---

& = E--------------------------| B-7------------------------| G---9-7--------------------| D-------9-7----------------| A-----------9-7-5----------| E-----------------7--------|
Intro with lead.
D F#m Em D Bm D Em A D / / / / / / / / /E-------2-----------------------------------|B---------2---------7-----------------------|G---------------------9-7-------------------|D-1-----------------------9-7-------------1-|A----4-------2---0------------9-7-5---------|E------------------------------------7------|
The 1st four notes on the D and A strings are played like a bass just before playing the chord. The other notes are played just after the chord except for the last note on the D string which is bass again. D F#m 1 I see the headlights shining on the wall.* 2 I thought I heard some footsteps on the floor.* Em D 1 It seems I've got a visitor, who is kind enough to call.& 2 And tell me if I'm dreaming, or is someone at the door.& Chorus D Bm F#m Bm F#m And I hope and pray, ev'ry day. F#m Bm F#m D I hope and pray. It's you. Verse 2 Chorus
G F#mAutumn turns to winter, B-----0-2-| G-0-2-----|
EmAnd winter turns to spring B-----2-3-2-----| G-2-4-------2-4-|
Em DI only know the passing of the days. E-----0----| B-2-3------| G--------2-|
F#m Bm And if you were to ask me, about the meaning of my life. G A It kind of lost it's meaning, on the day you went away. A D F#m * You know that when it comes to matters of the heart. Em D & I thought I had it covered, but it's tearing me apart. Chorus Lead solo
Em D Bm D Em A DE------------------------10---14------19-21>(22)(22)(22)(22)(22)(22)-----|B-7------------------12-----------10-------------------------------------|G---9-7------------------------------------------------------------------|D-------9-7--------------------------------------------------------------|A-----------9-7-5--------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------7------------------------------------------------------|
G F#mAutumn turns to winter. B-----0-2--| G-0-2------|
F#m EmAnd winter turns to spring. B-----2-3-2-----| G-2-4-------2-4-|
Em DThe summer sun still lingers in my head. E-----0---| B-2-3-----| G-------2-|
F#m Bm If it wasn't for the letters, that you wrote me from the heart. G A I sometimes wonder baby, if I dreamed it all instead. A D F#m * You see I've got to feel your hand upon my face. Em D & I need to get the calling, to rejoin the human race. Chorus D Bm F#m Bm F#m And I hope and pray. Ev'ry day. Bm F#m D I hope and pray, it's you. //// Play after "you" E--10--| It's kind of a 2 note D chord B--10--| D Bm F#m Bm F#m I hope and pray. Ev'ry day. Bm F#m D I hope and pray. It's you, yeah, yeah. Bm F#m Bm F#m I hope and pray. Ev'ry day. Bm F#m D/F# I hope and pray. It's you-u-u- Hold "you" into the beginning of the end lead solo.
E-19-19-19-17-17-17-19-17-17---| Fade out. This last part is a little "iffy".B------------------------------|G------------------------------|D------------------------------|A------------------------------|E------------------------------|
>( )> = Bend to note in ( ) and release. ==== = Hold bend. E,B,G,D,A,E, = guitar strings. / = number of times to strike chord. This is from the Keys of the Kingdom CD.
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