Moody Blues – Say It With Love tab

Intro:  Drum followed by  G ////  4 beats 16x. Listen for it.

I've been thinking, the way people do
'Bout the things that matter to me and you
I've decided to do what I can
And to find the kind of man I really am
I can see the world from here
And it sometimes makes me want to disappear
Back to nature and where we belong
And with just one truth I've found
You can't go wrong


Wherever you go, whatever you do
Whatev-ver you say
C                             G
Say, say, say,--- say it with love

G ////   8x

I remember a long time ago
When I heard those guitars that I worship so

E-----------7----| Sustain this note to * (everyday)B-8-8-h10p8------|
G I was captured, I wanted to stay And to hear that kind of music ev'ryday* C Heard the songs around the world Saw the smiling faces of the boys and girls G I was destined to play come what may And there's just one thing I knew I had to say Chorus G //// 6x
C Underneath a sea of doubt There's a million voices shouting, let me out (let me out) G When we go, we never return 'Cause there's just one lesson that we've got to learn Chorus End the chorus with "say it with love" 5x as the end lead solo is played. G chord throughout. End lead solo
E-19-------------------------------------------------------------------|B-------15-17--15-15-15-----15---12-12---------------------------------|G--------------------------------------14-12--*12---------12-----------|D-------------------------------------------------14-12------14-12-----|A----------------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------------|From * This part kind of repeats itself so just ad lib and fade out.
>( ) = bend to note in ( ) h = hammer on p = pull off ==== = hold bend E,B,G,D,A,E = guitar strings From: Keys of the Kingdom CD The chords in this song almost sound too simple to be correct. And maybe they aren't.
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