Moore Ian – Bar Line 99 tab

e: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 23:24:48 -0500
From: The Jazz Penguin 
Subject: TAB: bar line 99 by ian moore

Aritst: Ian Moore
Song: Bar Line 99
Album: Modernday Folklore
copyright 1995
on Capricorn Records
Transcribed and submitted by THE GROOVE DOG

Thought we could use a little more Austin artists 'round here.
Ian uses his old strat through a wah and some very heavy distortion.

b = bend up a half stepe--------------------------------------------------------------------------b--------------------------------------------------------------------------g--------------------------------------------------------------------------d-----------------5--------------------------------------------------------a-----7--5-----5-----7-----7--5-----------2--------1--------0------b-------E--0--------7-----------7--------7--0--2-----0--2-----0--2-----0--3--3-----
that's how Ian plays it, but I play it a little differently; just feels a little more natural.
that's the riff he plays all through the tune. you can figure out the little wah fills; they're pretty basic blues licks. he also plays the same lick in A, so just move it up a string. during the verses it's lightly palm muted. lyrics: hey look at me now high wire trapeze, no net beneath i'm the one that you should know come let me grope you just let me know smile - collect my disease just give me a smile cause you sure are pretty i feel so strong you could be mine (whispered - wouldn't that be nice) so have another drink (pause - ahhhhhhhhhh) and i'll give you pity just one more drink and you'll be mine you'll be mine smile - collect my disease it does as it please your flesh your lips your skin the life you hold within dizzy i'll twist your round crazy i'll pull you down so sweet i'll taste your sin on down i'll pull you in make you mine that's it. if you don't own this album, change that. - TGD "everything you ever heard about led zeppelin is true." - joe perry
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