Moostache - The Body Disagrees tab

hey this is my first tab, and i didn't really want to make one, but nobody had a tab up 
this song, and it's an amazing song and i figured out how to play it, so i thought i'd 
with everyone, for it's a great song
this song is The Body Disagrees by Moostache, off of the album The Body Disagrees.  It's 
standard tuning.

intro part (where it is strummed up and down, but very lightly. listen to the song for strum pattern)-0--2-----------|-3--3-----------|-4--4-----------|-4--4-----------|-2--2-----------|----------------| x2
repeat until whenever it does in the song, then play
prechorus---2--------2-3-0-----------------|---3--------2-3-0-----------------|---4--------3-4-1-----------------|---4--------4-5-2-----------------|-2-2-----4--4-5-2-----------------|-----2-5----2-3-0-----------------|that repeats a couple of times (listen to the song to find out the exact number of then it goes into the chorus, which is
repeat that for however long the chorus is, then play
afterchorus--3----------------2----------|--3--------7-------3----------|--4--------7-------4----------|--5--------7-------4----------|--5--------5-------2----------|--3---------------------------|these chords are G, D, Bm, i just choose to play them as bar chords, play them however wish. repeat this for however long the song doesthen go back and play the verse and the prechorus until whenever the song does, then the chorus again, just like the song, and for however long the song does, then play the again, but this time it's slightly different, it now goes
then it goes back into the chorus, and it almost sounds like there's 2 guitars here, one the chords G, D, Bm, and one playing the picking part of the chorus, play whichever you it sounds good either way, though i prefer to pick the chorus here then go back and play the afterchorus again, 3 times, then play
so the order the song goes in is: intro verse prechorus chorus afterchorus verse prechorus chorus afterchorus2 chorus afterchorus outro it goes like that, listen to the song to get the timings, it'll be easier to understand listening to the song. Happy playings!
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