Morbid Angel - Blasphemy Of The Holy Ghost tab

               Morbid Angel - Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost
                    From the Album Entangled In Chaos
               Copyright 1996 Earache Records
                     Version 1.0 - January 2001

Transcribed by: Bobby Rafuse

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..  - palm mute          /  - slide up to
 \  - slide down to      ~  - vibrato
 h  - hammer on          b  - bend
 p  - pull off            Suffixes for bend
                          ph - pinch harmonic
                           f - full bend    h - half bend
*  - see comment           r - release      t - tap bend
X  - percussion mute       ~ - vibrato bend
@  - slight palm mute     () - ghost note, sustained note

Tune Gtr to Eb (1/2 step down)

Start off with lots of whammy bar shit

Riff A|--------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------||-------------------9/10---------------------------||-7-----9-----7-----7/-8--7-----9-----7------------||-5-000-7-000-5-000-------5-000-7-000-5-111111111--|pm ... ... ... ... ... .........
Play Riff A 4x's
Riff B|--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------||-10-------8/9--------8/9--------------------||-8--------6/7--------6/7---9/10---8----6-7--||----0-000------0-000-----0-7/-8-0-6--9------|pm . ... . ... . . . . .
Play Riff B 2x's Then play Riff A 4x's Then play Riff B 4x's
Riff C|-------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------9/10--||-------------------------2-2-2-------------------------7/-8--||-33333322222211111100000-0-0-0-33333322222211111100000-------|pm . . .
Play Riff C 2x's w/ solo (not tabbed), then play 2x's after solo Then play more random whammy bar shit
Riff D|---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------55555555--------------------------------||-555555555/888877776666--------55555555/888877776666111333222--|
Play Riff D 4x's Then play Riff B 2x's Then play Riff A 4x's Then play Riff B 4x's Then play Riff C w/ solo 2 (not tabbed), then play 2x's after solo 2 Then play more random whammy bar shit Then play Riff D 4x's
Riff E|--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------||-10-------8/9--------8/9-------------9--10--||-8--------6/7--------6/7---9/10---8--7---8--||----0-000------0-000-----0-7/-8-0-6---------|pm . ... . ... . .
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