Morbid Angel - Lord Of All Fevers And Plague tab

Lord Of All Fevers And Plague
>From the album 'Altars of Madness'

Tabbed by Bobby Rafuse (

Tuning - Eb

/  - slide up
\  - slide down
pm - palm mute
sb - slight bend
r  - release bend
h  - hammer on
p  - pull off
~  - vibrato
"  - tremolo pick

*NOTE* There are alot of riffs I'm unsure of. The sound on Altars
makes things a little hard to hear so I had to refer to Entangled In Chaos
for some of them but I'm still unsure of a few. Hope it works out or
helps you out a little bit. I'll mark down the one's I'm unsure of. Also,
I suck at timings so you'll have to listen to the song for a better feel.
Any corrections or additions is welcome.

Intro A (3x's) (unsure)|---------------||---------------||---------------||---------------||-3/4-3--2-4-3--||-1/2-1--0-2-1--|pm .
Intro B (unsure)|-------------||-------------||-------------||-------------||-3/4--3--4\--||-1/2--1--2\--|
Riff 1|---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||-3----2---------9-8--||-1-00-0--000000-7-6--|pm .. ......
Riff 2 (unsure)|-----------------------||-----------------------||-----------------------||-----------------------||-4h5h6"sbr-5"----------||---------------4h5\3"--|
Riff 3|---------------------------||---------------------------||---------------------------||-------------------5--7-6--||-5--4--2--2h3p2~~~-3--5-4--||-3--2--0-------------------|pm .
Riff 4a (unsure)|---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||---------------------------------7-10--||-0--5-2~~~-0--5-2~~~-0--5-2~~~-0-5--8--|pm. . . .
Riff 4b (unsure)|---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||---------------------------------7--8--||-0--5-2~~~-0--5-2~~~-0--5-2~~~-0-5--6--|pm. . . .
Riff 5|-------------------||-------------------||-------------------||-------------------||----------3--4--5--||-00000000-1--2--3--|pm........
Riff 6 (solo rhythm)|------||------||------||-???--||-???--||-???--|
that's all the riffs ppl. I'm horrible at lead so unfortunately, there won't be any solos (tabbed by me at least). Sorry.
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