Morcheeba - Way Beyond tab

Hello! I was surprised that nobody has tabbed this song yet! The key element is chords
progression. Here it comes:

A/C# D A/C# D A/C# A6 Asus4

Gmaj7 Em7 Gmaj7 Emadd9 Gmaj7 Em7 C  x4
then play D5
then chorus: G D C
verse and chorus again...

and now since the words "diving down..."
Em7 Am7 Em7 Am7 Em7 Am7 F D5

chorus: G D C play till the end. You may try C/G instead normal C.


A/C# x-4-2-2-2-xD x-x-0-2-3-2A6 x-x-2-2-2-2Asus4 x-x-2-2-3-xGmaj7 x-2-5-4-3-xEm7 0-2-0-0-0-0
Emadd9 0-2-2-0-0-2C x-3-2-0-1-xD5 x-0-0-2-3-xG 3-2-0-0-3-3Am7 x-0-2-0-1-0F 1-3-3-2-1-1
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