Moriah Peters - Well Done chords

 my first tab so go easy on me please haha :-) I hope you guys enjoy live love 
laugh <3 sing from your spirit and heart 

Capo 5
*= one strum
Verse 1:
* GI'm headed down this narrowed road
* Em7Chosen by the few
* Cadd9 * D * Gand all that i know is you told me to follow you
Em7 Cadd9So when my life's a leap of faith i can hear you say
Gwell done
Em7Well done
G D G DI'm gonna chase you Lord I'm gonna show the world you love, woahhh
GI'll run
Em7I'll run
Cadd9 D GI'm going run this race to hear you say well done
G (pluck last three strings) If people walk with me talk with me searching truth (resume strumming) Em7 They're gonna find out soon
Cadd9 D GIf they're following me then they're gonna follow you
Em7 Cadd9so let my life speak loud and clear Lord i wanna hear
Chorus Bridge:
* G * Em7And I'm so glad that i get to serve you Lord
* Cadd9The only one i know worth living for woah
G Em7And I'm gonna run straight into your open arms
Em7 Cadd9 GI'm gonna follow you with my whole heart woah, woahhh ohhh
GWell done
Em7well done
G D GI'm gonna chase Lord I'm going to show the world your lovee ooh
GI'll run
Em7oooooh I'll run
Cadd9 D GIm gonna run this race to hear you say well done (x3)
Ending: Cadd9, D, G
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