Morning Glory - Long Live Revolution Rock tab

So I searched for a guitar tab and there weren't any, anywhere, so from the bass tabs
and listening to the song and playing along I tried to put it together. This isn't
complete, if you can help finish it and touch it up please do! Listen to the song for 
strumming and rhythm

The chord progression for most of the verse, main and opening riff of the song and the
chorus is:

and you can hear that once it also goes:
Play main riff until BREAK comes before 1st verse: (I'm pretty sure it goes like this)
VERSE: "When in the..."
VERSE part 2: "So fear not..."
Then back to verse again, main riff: "So lift up your spirits..."
Pre - Chorus break "You know we've gotta..."
CHORUS: "Long live revolution rock..." main riff again Then back again to: VERSE:
Then:"This one goes out in the spirit of Che..."|----------------||----------------||-----------7----||-9----5----7----||-9----5----5----||-7----3---------|
Then BREAK/Pre-Chorus Break again "You know we've gotta do our best today"
Then CHORUS again: main riff. Now comes the begining of the solo, which I'm not too sure about. this seems to sound right, (2:27 - 2:39)
After this, it goes back into the BREAK:
Then the solo starts and I'm pretty sure the main riff is played throughout it. After the solo it goes back into the CHORUS, which is also the main riff. The song finishes on
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