Morning Musume - The Peace tab

Author: Tsunku
Arrangements: Dance (Star) Man

These are the chords of the complete version. The harmony is a mixture of a lot of 
and the rhythm changes several times through the entire song.

Intro (you can get the general mood from this tab)

Bass lineG ---------------------------------|D 3--3-3567-57--57--------3--3---3-|A -35------7---7--5-35--35-35--35--|E -----------------5---5-----------| 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
G --------------------------------|D ----------------5-35----3--3----|A 1-12-2--3-45--5--5--3--3-35-----|E -1-----------5-------35---------| 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
First thing is percussive. (Oh hoora yukou ze!) Then the theme: BbM7 F A7 D- F7 Bb B7 F/C D(7) G- C7 F (/C D) F BbM7 Verse (this is just an example)
G ------------------------|D ------------------------|A ---5-53-33-5-5--3-4-5---|E --------------5---------| etc. 4 1 2 3 4 1
D- (/C,A) (... raga sumu) A- D- (/C,A) (... get up!) F D- (/C,A) (... imi nai kedo) A- D- (/C,A) (HA HA HA HA) Bb A Repeat Verse (...Ho Hora Ikou ze! Peace peace!...) D- C A PreCHorus (Senkyou no hitte...) G-/Bb A- Bb G- C F (/G) G-/Bb A- D- (FM7) G-7 C7 Chorus F A- D- Bb F A- D- C7 Repeat Chorus (woo woo woo peace peace) F G#7 (slide) A7 G#7 (slide) A7 (x2) F Repeat the whole thing (except the percussive part). Then comes the theme again, twice. Repeat percussive part and then chorus, by means of C7 chord. The "woo woo" part is repeated all the times you want. Hints. You can shift G#7, by B7, it'll sound the same and it's easier on guitar.
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